About the Artist: Sonja Melton

Teaching art requires a great deal of energy and enthusiasm. It was both exhilarating and exhausting. Very often I found myself giving my students all my ideas and ended up struggling to find new ideas for myself. However, I never felt that I was "working." I loved teaching and found, in all aspects of my art, a joy in sharing with my students.

Now, with my retirement, there have been many new and exciting opportunites. All the energy, time and talent I had for my students have been channeled into my art. I find myself moving in changenging and stimulating new directions.

I started out (many years ago) working with gold and silver jewelry and gradually move to wearable art designs because I loved the colors. People always tell me the color & unusual contours are what draw them to my work.

Currently I have five dogs and four cats living in the Melton Household. They and all their friends have been subject of many of my silouettes, and the catalyst for developing paw prints.

Through the years I have lost many furry family members and I've shared tears and sadness with friends who have lost beloved pets, because of this I have developed the dog and cat mats to use as memorials for departed animals and laugh with and honor those animals living with us.

Throughout the web site you will learn more about me, my art work and my dedication to animals.


Is an eclectic mix of very different art ideas. Years ago while Sonja was still teaching, her emphasis was on jewelry design. It was during this time that she designed and copyrighted her Bad Hair Day Pin. Along with the pin and uniques jewelry designs Sonja has traveled extensively throughout the United States to premier art and craft shows. She has received many awards for her innovative designs.

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