Paw Print Mats: Personally customized Dog and Cat Mats

Pawprints has grown from one cat and two dog silouettes to fifty six dog and nine cat silouettes. Each year more silouettes of both dogs and cats are added to the growing collection.

With so many different dog breeds it is impossible to have every dog available, fortunately the designs are in outline form so one design can possibly resemble more than one dog. The nine cat silouettes give cat lovers a fair choice so they can find the one that most resembles their cat and the cat's personality.

The purpose of the dog and cat mats is multi faceted. It is an ideal way of honoring the memory of a deceased pet, or welcoming a new pet to your family.
Once you have selected a mat, Sonja with customize it with a poem and quote for the perfect tribute to your pet. Poems range from sincere memorial tributes to comical happy quotes for the animals in your life.

Dog Mats
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Cat Mats

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How to order a Cat or Dog Mat.

1. Pick a mat style (dog or cat) and color.

2. Make your mat selection

Three different mat selections:
A. The most popular selection is a custom designed embellished double mat. (available only in a 8x10 size) $26.95 plus shipping.
B. Custom designed, embellished single mat. (available in both 5x7 and 8x10 sizes) $17.95 for 5x7, $19.95 for 8x10 plus shipping.
C. A single mat (available in 5x7 and 8x10 sizes) with your choice of poem.
This selection is unframed. $8.95 for 5x7 and $10.95 for 8x10 plus shipping.

3. Personal customizing by the Sonja Melton


"So much of what I have for sale is individualized. Perhaps you have lost a dear family dog. Perhaps you have just adopted a new member of you animal family. Behind each order is a story, I feel that I can serve you better if we talk on the phone or if you e-mail me your story and what you want.
I realize that I'll miss some orders this way but those that do order will receive specialized service and a product that will be just what you wanted."
-Sonja Melton

Once you have selected a mat, Sonja will contact you directly to customize your mat specifically for you.



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